39I am Jagdev Singh, 22 and I am a Bachelor of Arts graduate from Punjab University, Chandigarh. I have a cycle of conventional crops of wheat and paddy.

I have in total 15 acres of land and in my family besides me I have my parents, my younger brother and my grandmother. My dad is a farmer by profession and like him I also want to take up farming as my profession but I have my sights set on modern farming methods and non-conventional crops. I have a Tractor 5911, Ripper, 3 Trollies and Hand Ridge Maker. I also have two buffalos for the dairy needs of our house.



I own 15 Acres land on which I do Farming


I follow conventional cycle of Wheat and Paddy crops.


I use Tractor, 3 Trollies, Ripper and Hand Ridge Maker for farming.


I have two 2 Buffalos for dairy needs of the house.

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I want to take up farming in the near future but I want to do non-conventional farming. I will do farming of Potatoes, Cucumbers and Peas. I want to take up new and advanced techniques of farming so that I can have more produce per acre to earn higher profits. I love travelling and hence, to fulfill my dreams of travelling the world I will work hard and use modern methods of farming.


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